Finally QE/CI was enabled on my 4570m!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it yet

- Translucent Toolbar
- Wavy effect on Dashboard
- DVD player loads
- Front Row works

But it's not perfect for the moment.

- As you can see my apple at the up-left corner it's green. The same happens with HD 4350 (desktop version of this chipset).
- Internal Display it's black, but HDMI port works, this might be improved editing the framebuffer.
- The resolutions of my HDMI display and my LVDS display are switched, but I can fix it with the SwitchRes Tool , maybe when the LVDS is correctly working it'll be fixed.

About how it worked:

- You must be in Snow Leopard 10.6.6
- You must add your deviceID to ATI4600Controller.kext, mine is 0x95531002, it can variate in each case.
- Edit ATIFramebuffer.kext with modified Vervet framebuffer, maybe others will work, but now is which I'm using now.
- Bootloader with ATI injector configured with Vervet Fb. You can use Kabyl's boot if it works with your graphic card or modify other bootloader.

I'll do a how-to after do more test to fix the issues.

One screenshoot of my desktop, you can see my system profile with my card injected, DVD player working and translucent

Sorry, the system is in Spanish but I think that you'll understand the important things hehe

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